Our Mission

Boston CASA’s (Court Appoint Special Advocates) Mission

Boston CASA promotes and protects the best interests of children and youth who have experienced abuse and neglect. We train and support community-based volunteers who provide a voice to children in the court system so they may thrive in a stable environment. 

We are Boston CASA

When the Department of Children and Families suspects a child has suffered abuse or neglect, they may remove them from their home and place them in the foster care system. The child is pulled from their familiar environment and thrust into a world of case workers, foster parents and attorneys as they face an unknown future. As their case enters the juvenile court system, a judge may request a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA), a volunteer who will watch over the child or sibling group throughout their case. It’s Boston CASA that makes this work possible.

We are the independent nonprofit that recruits, trains and supports volunteer child advocates.

Our volunteers:

  • Advocate for the child’s best interest in court
  • Collaborate with everyone in the child’s life to help ensure their physical, emotional, mental health, and educational needs are met
  • Provide a consistent and stable adult presence in the child’s life
  • Work on a single case–one child or sibling group–at a time, and stay with that case until it is closed
  • The goal for every case is permanency—for each child to find a safe and permanent home, and for teens aging out of the foster care system to transition successfully into independent adulthood.

No child should have to walk the path of foster care alone.