Multicultural Advisory Committee

As part of our commitment to Boston CASA’s Racial Equity plan, Boston CASA has created a Multicultural Advisory Committee. Boston CASA intends to form an independent, unbiased steering committee to ensure that Boston CASA is held to the highest standard in meeting our social justice commitment.

Purpose: To ensure that Boston CASA is continuing to deliver in its commitment to upholding the values of Boston CASA, including racial equity and social justice issues that affect our program, community, and families. 

Role Definition: The Multicultural Advisory Committee (MAC) is a comprised of selected individuals who bring unique knowledge and skills in the areas of culture, diversity, and inclusion to inform and guide Boston CASA in its racial equity plan and in achieving its overall mission. The MAC will be responsible for advising Boston CASA on current issues of racial and social justice.  This advisory committee serves to review and assess the organization’s policies, recruitment practices, volunteer training and support, community engagement strategy and to make recommendations for improvements and/or eliminating barriers to access by communities we serve. The advisory committee plays an important role in providing nuanced interpretations of program needs and issues affecting our youth and families, based on their lived experience and status in the community. The MAC committee will also provide feedback on CASA’s specific brand message and how it aligns with our overall mission statement.  The committee members should provide varied and representative perspectives on the racial/social justice issues facing their communities. Although MAC members may represent specific cultures and populations, it is not our expectation that they are the sole voices of that culture or group. Boston CASA values the expertise and knowledge of community members and hopes to affirm members in positive change to their communities. 

Multicultural Advisory Committee Members’ Responsibilities

  • Provide meticulous and transparent advice to the organization on its policies, plans, programs and services as they relate to the multicultural community and sectors.
  • Monitor and assess the deliverables under each of the actions under the Racial Equity Plan.
  • Ensure Boston CASA is using appropriate and up to date terminology with regard to race, ethnicity, and culture in conversations with providers, systems and in organizational materials.
  • Provide advice to Boston CASA regarding effective engagement with diverse communities, including, where possible, promoting partnerships between providers and collaterals in these communities. This could include providing feedback and consultation to the CASA Community Liaisons.
  • Assist with reviewing and updating of Boston CASAs Racial Equity Plan. 
  • Identify and inform Boston CASA of issues affecting youth and their families from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and recommend strategies to address them.
  • Advise Boston CASA on how to increase recruitment numbers for multicultural, multilingual CASAs and/or Community Liaisons. 
  • Provide advice and support on ways Boston CASA can engage in cultural events that enhance cross-cultural relations.


  • Specific, relevant lived experiences highly preferred (e.g. experienced out of home placement as child or parent, aged out of foster home, reintegrated into society following commitment to a correctional facility)
  • Person of Color/Global Majority or other underrepresented groups
  • Experience in community organization, engagement, and outreach.
  • Strong commitment and passion for social justice and child welfare
  • Experience interfacing with professionals, organizations, systems, and state institutions.
  • Knowledge and understanding of issues that communities of color and marginalized populations face.
  • Multicultural and multilingual capabilities
  • Ability to effectively engage with others on the team and communities when discussing challenging topics and/or conflicting viewpoints occur.
  • Ability to attend all meetings (4 meetings per year) and participate for the duration of the committee (expected commitment of 1 year).