Our volunteers are truly the heart of Boston CASA. The time, care, and attention they put towards our kids is invaluable and transforms lives.

Jim Milke completed our Spring 2016 training and accepted his first case with 14-year-old “V” after that. Read about his experience as a CASA below…

1) Why did you decide to become a CASA?

A friend who had recently passed away showed me by example that you can really make a difference in a young person’s life by being there with the right advice at the right time. I understood that this (CASA volunteering) was an opportunity to help a child and a family improve their situation in what might be their life’s most difficult time.

2) What does being a CASA mean to you?

My life feels richer. I enjoy using some of the wisdom and wherewithal I’ve gained over the years to help someone else. At the same time, I’m learning and growing from what my CASA kid is teaching me. We’re helping each other become better, wiser people.

3) What have you learned from your experience as a CASA?

So much–too much to list here. One globally important thing I’ve learned is the importance of building trust with my CASA kid. I’ve also learned a lot about the concept of “practice, practice, practice. Then wing it.”

4) Describe a memorable moment from working on your CASA case.

My CASA kid wrote a letter to the judge where he expressed some of the things he’s learned about himself in the last year. He let me read it…saying it was “just between us two.” I saw that he had gained so much understanding about himself and what he wants for his future. That letter isn’t something he could have written a year ago. It brought tears to my eyes.

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