Volunteer of the Month, August

Boston CASA is so proud to highlight this dynamic duo of volunteers! Lisa and Diane have been working with and advocating for this family of six children for over a year and a half.

Boston CASA was appointed to the case in October 2019. The six children were home with mother on a conditional custody order.  Through the first year of the case there were on-going concerns of neglect and lack of supervision of the children.  In the summer of 2020 the children were removed from mother’s care.  At the time of removal the children were placed in three then four separate foster homes.  The second oldest struggled and was moved multiple times before being placed at the Italian Home where he remained until May 2021.  Two of the other boys (twins) have been able to remain together first placed in a kinship placement from July 2020-December 2020 and then moving together to a second kinship home in December where they remain.  Their youngest brother was placed in a DCF foster home at removal and stayed there until joining his twin brothers at their placement in December 2020.  The youngest child was placed in a DCF foster home at the time of removal and has remained there to date. 

Over the last year Lisa and Diane have worked constantly with the Department, Foster Parents, medical providers, schools, and camps to ensure that the children have been able to have necessary dental surgeries, were seen by specialists as appropriate, and had educational testing completed. The volunteers have worked tirelessly to ensure they were all in the correct educational placements, both more and less restrictive depending on the child.  Lisa and Diane have consistently pushed the Department to ensure school and daycare enrollment be in place prior to transitions as the family works towards reunification.  With the help of additional providers, Mother moved into a new, more stable home.  The CASAs and other members of Mom’s team were able to get a moving van and connection furniture and spent days moving the furniture in the home. Lisa and Diane build the bunk beds and full bed in order for to ensure a successful reunification.  At this time the oldest child has reunified with Mom and Diane is working with Mom and the team to ensure he is ready for and enrolled in school.  The youngest child will reunify this week. Lisa has been in constant communication with the Department and Mom to make sure she is enrolled in daycare.  Diane and Lisa both communicate consistently with the foster parents for the three boys and will work to support the boys and the team as they begin visits home in the coming weeks.  

Diane and Lisa are everything a CASA should be. We are so grateful for their dedication and care for this entire family. If you are interested in changing a child’s life, please consider donating to or volunteering for Boston CASA.