Vaccine Access for All

Boston CASA is so proud to highlight our Board Member Payal Salsburg, Partner and practicing Attorney at Laredo & Smith, LLP.  Payal has always been an avid advocate and volunteer, but her work and advocacy during the COVID-19 pandemic has been vital and inspirational.  

From March to August of 2020, Payal worked as a COVID Volunteer at Mass General Hospital transporting COVID-19  patients to and from their rooms for tests, and to and from their cars for appointments.  This may seem like a small thing.  But Payal’s work allowed hospital staff to remain in sterile areas and avoid having to change precious PPE that was in such short supply.  It also subjected her to constant exposure to the virus.  She did this for 2 hours each day after a full day at work, while on the weekends volunteering at Saint Francis Food Pantry.  

When the COVID-19 vaccine started to become available, Payal began volunteering for MA COVID Vax Help, an organization that assists people in accessing and making appointments for the COVID-19 Vaccine.  This group uses their tech savvy volunteers to navigate the complex online system for underserved and high priority individuals who would otherwise be left on their own to figure out how to make an appointment.  To date, MA COVID Vax Help has made appointments for almost 25,000 Massachusetts residents.  Payal’s shift at MA COVID Vax Help often started at midnight.

Payal was drawn to volunteering her time during her commute to work.  She would walk to work and often pass the underserved and homeless members of her community.  And rather than turning a blind eye to them, she wanted to get to know them.  Payal decided to volunteer at hospitals and food pantries in the neighborhood to learn about the people she lived with and around.  She learned about Boston CASA through the Women’s Bar Association and was attracted to our advocacy for children, one of Payal’s most passionate causes.  We feel honored and privileged to work with Payal.