Ryan’s Story

Edith started working with her CASA kiddo Ryan at the beginning of the pandemic making it so that they could not meet in person. Edith started trying to think of ways to connect with Ryan, she talked with his foster mother, and sent a care package with a card, books, and a game for his brother to play. Ryan was very excited to receive the package and called to thank Edith. During their conversation Edith asked if they were going outside at all and Ryan shared that it was against the law to go outside without a mask, so they had been staying inside. Due to Ryan’s diagnosis, he can be very rigid in his thinking and is very careful not to break rules! After the conversation, Edith sent out another small care package with two masks for both Ryan and his brother. The next week Ryan’s foster mother called and said that the boys had been outside playing in the yard for hours and were so excited to get the masks in the mail!