Preserving a Mother's Relationship with Her Children

One of Boston CASA’s values is doing our part to bring greater justice to a system that can at times be unjust. We were recently involved in a case in which it was being reported by the Department of Children and Families (DCF) that a mother was consistently late for visits with her children and as a result, they were recommending that visits be limited – or even cancelled all together. The judge recognized that this mother’s tardiness was not reflected in the report submitted by the CASA and asked if there was anything she would like to add to the story. The CASA used the opportunity to acknowledge that while the mother is sometimes late, she also relies on the MBTA and that visits with her children are not often scheduled in a location that is convenient to public transportation. The judge thanked the CASA for her insight, which provided a different context, and stated that the mother’s reliance on public transportation must be taken into consideration when DCF schedules future visits.

Without a CASA, the children involved in this case would currently be spending very little time – if any – with their mother and we’re glad to have had the opportunity to contribute to the report and to help preserve the mother’s relationship with her children.

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