November’s CASA of the Month

We are thrilled to highlight November’s Boston CASA of the Month, Judith Hershey.  Judy has been volunteering with Boston CASA for three years and is currently working with two families.

This CASA is dedicated! She has been working with 3 children, one who is always on the radar for medical complexity, and two others with social emotional needs. Judges, attorneys, and foster parents have all praised her work. She is entirely focused on the best interest of the children and is a staunch advocate, no matter what!

Judy has been a consistent and reliable support for all her CASA Kiddos. Judy always goes above and beyond to support them. For instance, the last time we checked in on her, she was measuring the blood sugar of a 14-year-old who is diabetic, figuring out the support system for her 17-year-old who is applying to colleges, and making sure that the 10-year-old has the required supports in school. While doing all this, Judy never loses track of the other activities that enrich the lives of these children without a strong support network.

One of her kiddos was selected for a young leadership program, thanks to Judy’s outreach! But because the foster parent does not drive and no support was secured through DCF in time, Judy made sure that the child was able to attend the leadership camp. Due to DCF restrictions, Judy was not allowed to drive the child directly. So she took an uber from Boston to Jamaica Plain with the child to the camp, and returned after 6 hours again in an Uber to bring him back. She will be taking him to South Boston again this month and will be taking a bus and a train. Her ability to problem-solve, despite systematic hurdles is what is enriches these children’s lives. She leaves no stone unturned when it comes to her kiddo’s growth and social emotional wellbeing. The Educational GAL on the case submitted in their court report last month, “Mrs. Hershey continues to be a tremendous help with the children’s overall wellbeing and education. After discussion with this GAL Mrs. Hershey completed applications at KIPP, Brooke Charter Schools, and Neighborhood House Charter School.” This is just one story. Judy understands that the children’s current education is critical for a better future and makes sure that she gives 100% to secure that future for them.