Meet Sarah and Mary

Sarah is an 18 year old youth whose upbringing was turbulent and unstable. She was often bounced from house to house and family to family, and started to exhibit unhealthy behaviors in response to her challenging circumstances. As a result, Sarah’s judge decided to assign a CASA to her case last spring.

Sarah needed guidance and her CASA, Mary, has been instrumental in helping her find direction. After spending some time together and building trust, Sarah shared with Mary that she loved animals and wanted to work with them one day. Upon hearing this, Mary helped Sarah sign up for a dog-walking service – a positive activity that Sarah enjoyed and enabled her to earn her own money.

When Sarah turned 18 this fall, we were unsure as to whether she would decide to age out of or sign into state care, where she could be eligible for a variety of benefits, including housing and education stipends. Sarah ultimately decided to sign into custody of the Department of Children and Families and we couldn’t be more excited for the opportunities that await her. She has secure housing after recently enrolling in a supportive transitional residence and is working with Mary and her social worker to determine what steps she should take next to achieve her goal of working with animals. She’s looking forward to applying to a local veterinary program and is excited to gain more experience in the field.

Mary came into Sarah’s life during a time of darkness but filled her with hope and helped Sarah see that her dreams are achievable. Today, Sarah is eagerly anticipating her future, which is bright, and we’re glad that Boston CASA could provide Sarah with the support that she needed during a critical time in her life.

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