Meet Ronny

Ronny is a 14-year-old boy who was struggling with depression and getting to school.

After 60 unexcused absences, the school filed a CRA petition (Child Requiring Assistance) with the court. His mother is the family’s sole provider and has a very demanding job. She cannot always be available when he needs her.

CASA Nina was assigned to support the Ronny and his family. At first, Ronny was reluctant to meet with Nina. Our CASA did not give up. Nina kept reaching out, and within a couple of months, she was able to establish a good relationship with him.

As Nina got to know Ronny, she focused on small thing that she thought would be helpful to him. She provided him with an alarm clock, so he can set an alarm to wake up in time for school. She even donated a used bicycle to Ronny, as she determined that that he needed one, but his mother was not able to afford it. Nina called the school principal to get Ricky a free bus pass, but he was so excited with owning the bike that he chose to ride his bike to school instead of taking a bus!

Nina is not only meeting expectation of the court by trying to help Ricky attend school, she is doing everything she can to help him thrive.

Nina helped Ronny’s mother reinstate her Mass Health so Ronny can resume the mental health counseling he desperately needed. He was recently screened for suicidal ideation and is receiving services away from home. When Ricky gets back home, he can count on one more person other than his mother. That person, you guessed it right, is CASA Nina.