Meet CASA Posy

Posy is a veteran CASA with 5 years of amazing work with Boston CASA, after having been a CASA in Virginia. During her time with CASA, Posy has juggled multiple cases with multiple kids, serving 7 kids in total. Posy always goes above and beyond to connect with her CASA kids. During the recent months of the pandemic, Posy baked cookies and delivered them to the doorstep of her kids’ placement to make sure they knew that she was still going to be there for them despite not being able to visit in person.  Of course, the homemade cookies brought a HUGE smile to their faces. 

In addition, Posy continues to communicate with a youth who has emancipated and is living out of state, just to make sure that she is safe and knows that someone is thinking of her. Perhaps most impressively, Posy is supporting her teenage CASA youth with reunification with her biological mother when everyone else on her team had given up on finding permanency for this youth. Posy has supported toddlers to teenagers; she is equally adept at working with both because she does not give up. Posy breaks down barriers and touches the lives of kids in the most constructive way possible. It is incredible to think that Posy does all this despite having celebrated her 80th birthday! Thank you, Posy, for your hard work, and we look forward to working with you for many years to come.