Meet CASA Nancy

Nancy has been a CASA for almost 2 years. In these two years, Nancy has made a difference in the lives of the three kids she has supported. Nancy is attentive, committed, and determined. She gives her best at all times. Nancy focuses on building a bond with the children she supports. She spends time with them to learn what matters to them and to understand what is happening in their lives at the time. Her knowledge of the children informs her ability to be a strong advocate for them. She does not take NO for an answer when it comes to the safety of her kids.  In fact, the connection that Nancy establishes with her kids enabled her to locate her 10-year old CASA youth who was with his mother in NH, when all other providers had lost track of him.  She has supported her CASA youth through the confusing process of landing a first part-time job when the youth would otherwise not have had any guidance.  Nancy is always supportive of a youth’s voice for permanency and advocates for it in court. She often sees what other providers don’t because she spends time building a bond with her CASA kids. Nancy personifies the care and support model Boston CASA espouses; the impact of her involvement on her CASA kids speaks for itself.  Thank you for all you do, Nancy!