Meet CASA Meghan

Meghan joined Boston CASA in the Spring of 2019. Although a bit nervous about what to expect, Meghan chose to work with older teens.  Meghan began working with a young woman who was not able to attend school due to severe anxiety and depression. When Meghan first met her CASA youth, she had a hard time getting the young lady to engage. During the first few months working with the teen, she would pretend to be asleep whenever Meghan showed up at her house. Finally, Meghan inadvertently ticked the youth, which caused her to jump up out of bed. This clearly broke the ice, because slowly, her teen began to open up. Meghan learned that her teen enjoyed singing, so Meghan generously included her in Meghan’s own private singing lessons. Meghan even then helped her teen get an audition at a local Arts Academy in hopes that this might motivate the child to attend school, which unfortunately was unsuccessful. Over time and after getting to know the teen, Meghan noticed that her anxiety and depression were significant and unaddressed.  Meghan began focusing on mental health services.  Despite resistance from the child’s family and team, Meghan was finally able to convince the teen to seek psychiatry services.  It was no surprise to Meghan that the therapeutic consult expressed concern over the scope of the teen’s mental health needs and put in motion immediate services to address their severity.  In addition, Meghan is working tirelessly to find a school that fits her teen’s needs.  Meghan’s extensive advocacy has helped her CASA youth start on a path to healing and progress. 

Meghan sometimes refers to herself as the squeaky wheel, reaching out to doctors, therapists, and social workers relentlessly until she hears back from them.   The road ahead for her teen is long, but Meghan is committed to her teen and her family.  Here’s hoping Meghan’s work inspires a whole fleet of squeaky wheels!  Thanks, Meghan