Meet CASA Margie

Margie has been a dedicated CASA volunteer for the last six years, supporting children and youth on 5 separate cases! While each case has been very different, Margie’s approach and advocacy have not. Margie has consistently gone the extra mile on behalf of each young person, and if possible, their families, to build a relationship that is based on trust, acceptance, and reliability.  Margie began her role as a CASA advocating for a 13-year old young man in foster care, which quickly progressed to Margie’s attending his high school track meets where he excelled, and supporting him as he completed high school where, despite being a good student, he faced some challenges as a result of past trauma.  Margie stood by him as he navigated the college application process, which is daunting for any young person, but is particularly so for young people without adult guidance.  Margie continues to have a relationship with him today as a trusted ongoing support.    

With her current case, Margie has been tireless in her efforts to help the 11-year old child overcome the many educational challenges she faces. Margie consistently reached out to the child’s mother throughout the pandemic and helped her to find needed resources. The child’s mom trusts Margie. She does not have trust in other members of the child’s team.  Because of the trust this mother has in Margie, Margie has been able to help facilitate communication between the family and the school and DCF social worker.  The opportunity for these parties to work together will be critical to achieving a successful outcome.  

What truly distinguishes Margie in her role as a CASA is her dedication to supporting her CASA kids long after the closing of the case in the court and the faith that they have in her commitment that she will be there for them no matter what. There is no truer testament to the strength of the Boston CASA program and the passion of our volunteers. Thank you, Margie!