Let’s Stay Connected

“She is doing well and came out of her room after having a chat with the CASA,” reported a father to the child’s Probation Officer. The father was talking about Yani, his 14-year-old daughter who is struggling with depression and who often stays in her room for days without any communication. Yani has never met her CASA Ella who was assigned to her right before Covid-19 hit Boston. The closing of school, the safety measures– especially social distancing– have negatively impacted her condition even further. In order to stay safe, she stays home with her father who has recently lost a job. She hardly reaches out to speak to friends and family.

The Boston Emergency Services Team (clinical providers) has been called to screen her behavior multiple times. Her CASA, who was injected into the mix right after completing her CASA training, in a very brief period has developed a relationship without meeting Yani or her father. The father, who was initially reluctant to provide access to Yani, now openly admires the trustful relationship the CASA has developed and sings her praises to the team.