Kevin’s Story

Kevin is twelve years old and living at the Italian Home where he has been for the better part of five years. He was placed in two Intensive Foster Care homes in the last two years, both intended to be pre-adoptive, both unsuccessful. DCF continues to work to identify any possible family as well as looking for an adoptive family for Kevin. Brigitte was appointed February 27th, 2020, right as she was appointed, Kevin was hospitalized due to on-going depressive behavior with the intention of taking him off his medications, of which there are many, and reevaluating. By the time he returned to the Italian Home, COVID-19 had shut down any in person visits. Brigitte worked for some time with the program team and was finally able to set up video calls with Kevin to take place every other week. They have been meeting virtually until last week when they were finally able to meet for an outdoor visit at the Italian Home.