Jose’s Story

Jose became involved with the court after a Child Requiring Assistance was filed by his high school for truancy. A CASA was requested and appointed in late spring of 2019 to assist Jose and his family with issues surrounding his school attendance.

During all of the CASA’s visits and communication with Jose, he was very reserved and quiet.  He reported having some depression and social anxiety.  He also stated that he was not happy at school because he was in classes with students who were much younger.  Jose had recently turned 17 and had just completed his freshman year due to past absences and grades. Jose’s family was very supportive of him, however, due to a language barrier, his parents had a hard time communicating with school staff. 

The CASA began regularly communicating with Jose’s school counselor who was able to arrange for Jose to take online courses throughout the summer to make up a 9th grade class as well as complete his 10th grade curriculum. By fall, Jose completed all the online coursework to make up for missing credits as well as the curriculum to move him to Junior grade status. The Truancy CRA was dismissed in court but the CASA kept some communication with Jose and his family. This spring, a year after the CASA had been assigned to the case and six months after the case had been dismissed, the CASA received a text from Jose’s mother. The text explained that because of the CASA working with the school to connect Jose to the online curriculum he had completed high school and that his diploma was being mailed to him! Jose’s mother added that he was now learning to drive and looking forward to getting his license.