Community Liaison

Purpose:  To ensure that families Boston CASA serves have access to trained community members and that family voices are valued in decision making and planning. CASA acknowledges the lack of professionals of color, mentors and collaterals that exist within the systems with which we engage. Therefore, we are continuing to seek community collaboration through this role to improve Boston CASA’s diversity and representation of the community and to increase our understanding of the current challenges facing the communities we serve.  

Description: The CASA Community Liaison position is an opportunity for a Suffolk or Middlesex County resident to be an ongoing volunteer at Boston CASA. Boston CASA provides court-involved youth with CASAs (Court Appointed Special Advocates) to advocate for the best interest of the child, both in and out of the courtroom. The CASA Community Liaison is intended to be a valuable member of the CASA team but will not require the volunteer to appear in court, nor require the number of hours that a traditional CASA role may demand. This position will operate behind the scenes consulting with the Advocate Supervisors and CASA in providing a culturally specific lens to certain cases.  In particular, the role may include examining issues of systemic racism with our CASA team, recommending access to local services and identifying and/or acknowledging obstacles such as language barriers and cultural differences. Additionally, the CASA Community Liaison will suggest ways to promote cultural awareness and strategize ways to help others understand cultural norms and how they may impact a case.  

For the CASA CL, we are looking to recruit volunteers with “lived experience” similar or reflective of the youth and families Boston CASA primarily serves.  Boston CASA strives to help families achieve equity while navigating challenges in the child welfare systems. The CASA CL will help families most affected understand the system in a way common to their culture or way of life. This role will work with CASAs in upholding  children’s core values while helping families adversely affected advocate for culturally inclusive services

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Complete required CASA pre-service training (modified) 
  • Apply the values of Boston CASA and adhere to Boston CASA’s policies and procedures. 
  • Consult with CASA Advocate Supervisors and CASAs on specific cases as the Community Liaison. 
  • Limited translation between families (bio and/or foster parents) and CASA representatives 
  • Represent Boston CASA at community and CASA events and functions.