CASA Volunteer Andy

Andy was assigned to a 13-year-old boy who is currently living in a residential placement. Andy has been able to connect collaterals that were not in communication prior to his involvement and has helped relay important information regarding placement opportunities for his CASA child.

By communicating with the child’s attorney, he was able to put a team together of a DCF worker, the CASA Andy, and the attorney to work together to secure a viable placement with a trusted adult in the child’s life that was previously not fully considered, and the child could be moving out of the residential placement that he has lived in for years and has been too high of a level of care for him as early as the summer!

He has coordinated all of this without ever meeting the child due to COVID-19 and relaying information all via email and phone calls to keep things moving along. He will finally “meet” his CASA child via Zoom for the first time!