CASA of the Month – September

Lena J. Weiner began working on her current case in June of 2016. A reporter and data journalist by trade, Lena began pouring over her CASA youth’s family history and interviewing all collaterals associated with the case as soon as she was assigned. Lena connected with social workers, group home staff, family, and so many other key players, but what she found at the heart of this case was a family that had needs that were not being met.

Over the last six years, Lena has advocated to support this family, from fighting for better educational outcomes to advocating for kinship placements. Over the years, Lena has watched the case change dramatically as it has evolved. One of those big changes included a placement for the youth during the pandemic that challenged Lena to drive two and a half hours each way to visit them. Lena still managed to keep up regular visits despite this extensive commute. 

Lena’s dedication to her case continues to be admirable. She fiercely advocates for her CASA youth, working ceaselessly to ensure that their educational, mental, and emotional needs are always met. Guiding her CASA youth in transitioning into adulthood is a role Lena has taken on with grace and patience. Although her visits with her CASA youth may sometimes face challenges, Lena is a persistent presence in their life.

Lena’s favorite part of being a CASA is knowing that she has had an impact on the lives of these young people and their family, and her commitment to advocating for her youth’s best interest in and outside the courtroom is visible and deeply valuable. We commend you for your dedication and sense of mission, Lena! Without advocates like you, Boston CASA could not exist as it is today. Thank you!