CASA of the Month – October

Erin Margolius has been with Boston CASA for three years and has been working with her current child for four months.  She has always been incredibly dedicated to the CASA children and families that she has worked with. In total, Erin has been assigned three cases and on each one she has remained steadfast and focused on the goal of helping the families maintain stabilization and ultimately become reunified successfully. Erin is very organized, even with very complicated cases, and this allows her to be incredibly detailed in her court reports and she is promptly communicative with me and all other parties on the case at any given time. Erin’s ability to be so cooperative and easy to work with makes her an amazingly dependable CASA.  We are proud to say she is one of our veteran CASAs!

In the current case Erin is assigned to, the mother struggles with significant mental health issues, which makes it difficult for her to remember specific conversations, details, or matters that need to be attended to at any given time. Sadly, in a recent court hearing, the mother’s infant son was removed from her care due to concerns from DCF that the mother was not engaging in mental health services, as well as not allowing DCF to access her son or the home to do the proper safety checks. Erin is one of the few team members on this case that the mother trusts and can depend on, and Erin has compassion and understanding for the mother’s situation given her own personal experience with family members that have struggled with mental health. After her infant son’s removal, the mother was facing eviction from her current apartment, and Erin stepped up to work with the mother to help her navigate the housing court. Erin helped the mother prepare for her hearing at housing court, find representation, and even connected her to supportive services through the Tenancy Preservation Program. On the day of her hearing, Erin attended housing court with the mother in person, and in the end, the mother and the landlord agreed to mediate. Thanks to Erin’s wonderful support and dedicated advocacy, the mother now has four months plus a potential one-month extension to vacate on a no-fault/no judgment basis. This mother now has some breathing room to find another apartment, and Erin continues to encourage her to be more open to working with DCF in obtaining services that will help her maintain stable housing and move forward to help reunify with her infant son.

Erin, thank you for your dedication, compassion and diligence.  You are making a difference every day!