CASA of the Month – November

Congratulations to our October CASA of the Month, Edith Murphy!

Edith has been with her youth since February of 2020. The young person she works with has been through an incredible journey, having been in the foster care system for nearly a decade. Edith has worked tirelessly to be a constant in this youth’s life, and although fierce when the situation calls for it, has led with unwavering kindness, grace, and empathy.

Edith’s work has culminated into the formation of a multidisciplinary team which holds weekly meetings to discuss next steps for the youth. This team has been acknowledged by the youth’s Judge several times during court proceedings for its efficacy and impact!

Edith’s team is largely successful because of her persistence in keeping the youth’s voice in the foreground. She works with the other wonderful providers on this youth’s case to make sure that no matter how packed the table is, the young person always has a seat at the head.

Recently, with Edith’s caring support, this young person’s team was able to help them attend their court hearing. The youth spoke up in court about their experiences, and even prepared documents for the attorneys and Judge to read. Edith ensured that these documents were printed, in the youth’s hands, and allowable in court so that the young person’s voice would be heard. She worked behind the scenes on this for weeks leading up to the court date so that the youth could share their needs with all.

Edith’s attention, passion, and advocacy are unfailing. She has responded to crises with calm, to problems with urgency, and to need with love. No matter the situation at hand, Edith is not deterred. Rather, the more complex things get, the more Edith kicks into gear to help the youth find a solution. She has managed to seamlessly represent the youth’s best interest while also building a relationship with their family, including Mom, foster Mom, and more! As Edith’s advocate supervisor, I have had the privilege to experience her optimism, clever wit, and sense of mission in action. Of all the wonderful traits Edith carries, my favorite is that she never loses sight of what it means to be a CASA – to advocate, to serve, to care. You are phenomenal, Edith! I am so proud, and so grateful to work alongside you. Thank you from all of us here at CASA for being you!