CASA of the Month – July

CASA Veronica Puim has been working a case with two girls with complex needs. She has been able to build a rapport with both the girls and the bio mother who did not want to work with CASA initially. The unimaginable gaps in services that had huge chasm on their education and mental health is being addressed at this very moment because of CASA Puim.

CASA Puim has been recognized for her objective court reports multiple times by Judge, attorneys and DCF. She has been able to introduce some sense of relief for the parties in the case and hope for the girls who found it difficult to trust systems and the people representing them. CASA Puim, a law student herself, sees the necessity of education and is doing everything in her power to make sure that the girls get enrolled into a school that can meet their needs. The road ahead is not straightforward. There are incidents that keep on putting hurdles on the previous plan agreed by the parties. But the relationship CASA Puim has developed with every party in the case, this supervisor strongly believes that the journey would be less stressful for the family. Boston CASA is grateful for the time and dedication CASA Puim is providing to this case and thank her for her relentless advocacy.