CASA of the Month – January

Kryssi has been a CASA for over two years and has been an amazing advocate and support for each of the families she has served.  Through her time as a CASA, Kryssi has committed herself to learning about the experiences the families we serve are facing in order to meet each child and family member where they are and build rapport at a pace that works for them. 

When Kryssi was first appointed to her current case there was a lot to learn.  The older child was at home in mother’s custody, while the younger child was placed outside of the home in a congregate care setting.  As Kryssi worked to build rapport and trust with mom and the older child, she learned that in addition to mental health needs and school challenges for the older child, mom was being told that the younger child could not transition home until mom moved out of the apartment the family had lived in due to past trauma.  Kryssi saw that mom was able to advocate for the needs of her family but also appreciated the support Kyrssi offered.  Kryssi supported mom with the housing authority in her request to move and when the family was approved to move to an apartment (where both children would have their own rooms) Kryssi was able to find funds through a community organization to get bedroom furniture and rent a moving truck two weeks before Thanksgiving.  She and the family spent the whole weekend moving the family and setting up the new apartment.  In their new space, the younger child was approved to go on her first home visit and was able to join her mom and her sibling for Thanksgiving.  As the family continues to work towards reunification, Kryssi continues to connect with the older child and work with his team to ensure he receives the support he needs as he manages his own depression and plans in order for his sister to come home.  Kryssi has also been able to continue visiting with the younger child in the program and helps her to process her feelings after visits home.  The younger child has been excited to share the skills she has built to control big emotions, like being able to go to her room and spend time with the family cat.  Kryssi has done an amazing job building unique relationships with each member of this family and has been able to be an amazing support for each of them in the ways they specifically need.  We are so grateful to have Kryssi as part of the Boston CASA family and appreciate all her unwavering dedication to the young people and families she serves.