CASA of the Month – August

Judianne Brugger, our outstanding CASA of the month, has been chosen for her dedicated, level, heartfelt advocacy for her youth. Judianne works with a young person in need of an advocate who can build a positive, trusting relationship without judgement of the youth’s needs. Judianne has been steadfast in her efforts to do just that.

Judianne’s loving style is complimented by her ability to hold firm, healthy boundaries. She is an incredibly patient, affirming, and effective CASA, and remains that way no matter what is going on in her young person’s life. This sense of calm and reassurance has supported the youth through many different situations and continues to bring the two closer together. Judianne and her youth have an extremely strong relationship wherein Judianne is consistent in her empowerment of the youth as the leader of their own life. She is always making sure to create space for her young person to take the reins, and always sees a bright future ahead for the young person, a feeling which is invaluable in this work. Judianne’s relationship with the youth has been truly beautiful to watch, and CASA feels lucky to have her on our team. We know Judianne for her superstar work, but we also suspect that she does not even realize just how incredible she is in her relationship with her young person. We’re telling you now, Judianne, and we thank you for all your support! You make a difference.