April’s CASA of the Month

Susan is an incredibly dedicated CASA, since day one she jumped into her first case quickly and was passionate about collecting the most up to date and detailed information about each child she was assigned to. Her first case was with an experienced co-CASA, and Susan worked with this other CASA seamlessly and has a wonderful collaborative spirit! Susan’s dedication and compassion for each case she has been assigned to shines through in my work with her and in her comprehensive court reports that she submits!

In Susan’s current case, she is assigned to a 15 year old girl. This case has actually been open since 2018 and Susan graciously stepped in to take this case after the long time CASA on it had moved out of state. This case was at a complicated crossroads when Susan came on, as the child had run away from her foster placement and it was suspected that she was being trafficked on the streets, on top of the fact that the child is physically disabled and requires the use of a prosthetic and crutches. Despite multiple months of the child being on the run, Susan stayed the course and maintained frequent contact with the child’s collaterals until the child was finally safely located and placed in a residential facility far away from her alleged traffickers. Susan has now established a wonderful relationship with the child over the past 7 months since she was placed at this residential home. Susan has played an essential role in helping the child settle in to her new placement and making sure that all of the services from Boston carried over to this new placement. Susan has been a consistent visitor and confidant to this child and she is finally starting to open up more with her clinicians now that she feels more stable at the residence. Some wonderful memories Susan and the child have shared over the months have been working together to decorate the child’s room to help her feel more at “home” and like she has a special place of her own to retreat at the residential, helping to coordinate physical therapy appointments and attending them along with the child to help support her in reaching her goal of getting off of her crutches eventually, and celebrating a fun 15th birthday with a special lunch and gifts! The child was thrilled with her birthday gifts and wore the birthday crown Susan got for her all day! Most poignant of all, Susan shared with me that the child was really taken back by all of the special attention and said that no one had ever celebrated her like that before. Susan has made such an impact in this child’s life in a short time and continues to advocate passionately for her and submit detailed court reports to the Judge with fact based recommendations to help improve the child’s opportunities at her current foster placement.

We are so proud and grateful to have Susan as a part of Boston CASA Volunteer team!