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From a CASA Volunteer

I work with an 11-year old boy, and as our relationship has evolved, so too have our monthly outings. Initially we would take a walk to the nearby playground or library, and that was easy and nice. But I kept thinking I could do more to make the most of ...
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Meet Keylara

Keylara has been in and out of residential treatment centers and Foster Care placements for nearly five years, after being removed first from the care of her mother and then her grandmother for neglect. During that time Keylara was moved between five residential treatment centers, four foster homes, and multiple ...
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Meet Ronny

Ronny is a 14-year-old boy who was struggling with depression and getting to school. After 60 unexcused absences, the school filed a CRA petition (Child Requiring Assistance) with the court. His mother is the family’s sole provider and has a very demanding job. She cannot always be available when he ...
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Meet Colleen

Baby Colleen was placed in foster care at 2 months old after being removed from her home for neglect. Now at 6 months, Colleen's CASA is supporting her single father in his role as a first time dad as he seeks to regain custody of his daughter.The CASA helped him ...
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Meet Jimmy

At the time his CASA met him in May of 2017, Jimmy was a 12-year old boy who had been in a residential treatment facility since 2015 and involved in the child welfare system since the age of 3. Jimmy had experienced domestic violence and physical abuse with his family of ...
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Meet David

Seventeen-year-old David has been in DCF custody for two years following the death of his mother, his grandmother’s illness, and the lack of other family members to care for him. David has significant intellectual disabilities and will be in the long-term care of the state. His CASA volunteer Jean, is in regular ...
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Reunifying a Family

Our CASA volunteers are important members of a team of people who work tirelessly to find safe, permanent homes for children in foster care. We would like to tell you about Linda, a CASA volunteer who recently assisted with the reunification of two young boys and their family. For over ...
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Meet Sarah and Mary

Sarah is an 18 year old youth whose upbringing was turbulent and unstable. She was often bounced from house to house and family to family, and started to exhibit unhealthy behaviors in response to her challenging circumstances. As a result, Sarah’s judge decided to assign a CASA to her case ...
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Meet Alfonso and Gregory

When I first met these brothers, they were 13 and 11. The older brother was very protective of his younger sibling. They were always clean, well spoken; very serious about school and sports. The older brother did almost all the talking as the younger one always looked on and occasionally ...
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Meet JJ and Chris

I first met JJ when he was four years old. He was in his second foster home since separation from his Mother about seven months before. He would be moved again to two additional foster homes over the next year. He was developmentally delayed and legally blind. He did not ...
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