About Us

Our Mission, Our Values

Boston CASA, Inc., is a non-profit organization whose mission is to ensure a safe and permanent home for court-involved children in Suffolk County who have experienced abuse and neglect. We fulfill our mission by recruiting, training and supervising community volunteers to serve as Court Appointed Special Advocates (“CASAs”) who work to ensure that these children have safe and permanent homes.


Statistics show that if a child remains in the “system” more than one year the possibility is very high that he/she will live out his/her subsequent childhood in multiple placements. Historically, the “system” often has failed this population either in not promoting the satisfactory reunion of the parent and child or in not providing for the successful placement of the child with adoptive parents.


It is from this perspective that Judge Francis G. Poitrast, Chief Justice of the Juvenile Court Department of the Commonwealth and Presiding Judge of the Boston Division, concerned with the need for permanency for these children, established the CASA Program, under the jurisdiction of the Court in 1982.


CASA – Court Appointed Special Advocate
GAL – Guardian aLitem (ad Litem meaning “for the purposes of the legal action only.”)


Since that time, volunteers from the community have given their time to advocate for abused and neglected children. The basic goal of the CASA/GAL volunteer is to ensure that child victims of abuse and neglect are not overlooked in an overcrowded court system. CASA volunteers are appointed by the Judge as Guardian ad Litems for “Best Interest”. These GAL’s conduct thorough on-going investigations and present relevant facts at court hearings and provide advocacy, to ensure that services are being provided to the children.

Program Structure

The Boston CASA Program is a fully autonomous 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. At the present time, the staff is comprised of an Executive Director, Assistant Director, 3 Advocate Supervisors, Administrative Coordinator, and Volunteer and Communications Coordinator.  The role of staff is to screen applicants, provide training, process referrals, and provide supervision to over 85 volunteers working on cases.

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